We are an established healthcare clinic in the heart of Toronto’s Queen West Village. Our clinic is devoted to a clientele that is looking for a meaningful difference in the care of their health and well-being. The clinic divides its focus between remedial care and health enhancement. It spans the territory of mind, body and spirit, as there are natural approaches to the many ways stress visits our lives.

Symptoms of the body report stress and imbalance and are the language of the body. It is our dedication and focus to understand that language and help people find their way back to their vital selves, or to help them maintain good health. Like any meaningful communication, time and attention are vital to the progress of an individual’s well-being. bodyone brings together the time-based service of traditional health clinics with a commitment to mindful modern health and environmental concerns. We offer a wide range of services that attend to all levels of health and well-being.

Our services vary according to the practitioners but in general, registered massage therapy, acupuncture, holistic and Chinese herbal medicine, nutritional counseling, homeopathy, bach flower therapy, shiatsu massage, relaxation massage, aromatherapy, reiki, hypnosis, hydrotherapy, reflexology, Thai massage, natural skin care and spa packages are the core clinic services with adjunct therapies such as cupping, Tui Na and moxibustion are our offerings. The clinic’s apothecary also retails a select grouping of natural health and skin care products as well as tinctured and dry herbs.

bodyone also offers a range of spa treatments and skincare therapies. We provide truly natural facials, using herbs and herbal formulas that we prepare at the clinic, grinding our own mixtures and customizing our facials for particular skin types and issues. Wild Carrot botanical skin care is hand made at bodyone. Wild Carrot is made in small batches, so they are always fresh and vital.

Education is also a primary focus of bodyone. We in-house workshops and corporate presentations from main stage to lunch time talks.