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A very important workshop for all females between the ages of 25 to 60. This workshop looks at what happens during menopause and important strategies (many which are best taken up early in life) to ensure a happy and healthy change in the hormonal system when it does happen.

Lay Massage

This workshop teaches basic tension releasing techniques. A discussion of guiding principles provides a foundation on which to proceed without causing harm and to optimize effects for a positive outcome.

Couples Massage

This workshop is somewhat similar to the lay massage workshop with the single difference of being oriented to those whose relationship has a more personal aspect. There is more attention to grounding the body and syncing energetics between both partners in the couple relationship. Looking at what intimacy can mean from an energetic perspective, conveyed through touch.

Infertility and Acupuncture

This workshop looks at daily habits and routines to help sort the do’s and don’ts for those wishing to increase their potential to conceive. It discusses the impact  Chinese medicine has on fertility and how it works.  Hormone health and stress is a component of this workshop.

Running and Health Issues

This workshop is about runner’s knee and ITB syndrome. Understanding this syndrome and ways in which you can adjust your practice and supporting exercises to minimize damage. Good habits, the right shoes and surfaces for running will all be discussed.


Many headaches are postural and stress in their origin. Learn how to understand the range of contributing factors acting on you and how to address them. Anatomy, trigger points, breathing, food and environmental triggers, stretching, daily habits and postural adjustments to workstations are all part of this workshop discussion.

Repetitive Strain

Common issues, such as thoracic outlet syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome and lower back pain (lowerdosis) are the main focus of this workshop. Understanding the the cycle of inflammation and how to intervene so that tissue will heal  in terms of therapies, self care and daily habits.

Skin Health and Care

This workshop offers an introduction to understanding the skin anatomically, as an organ, and its interrelatedness to other organs and organ systems. There is a discussion of nutrition, skin care and the prevention of signs of aging.

Infant + Early Childhood Natural Cures

This workshop looks at simple and safe interventions for everyday problems such as diaper rash, teething, colds and flu, fevers, tantrums, colic, etc.  There is also a hands on element for soothing techniques for small people – sometimes called baby massage. Some discussion of broader issues will occur and there is plenty of room for Q & A.

Herbal Detox

This workshop provides a custom herbal tincture for each participant. This workshop is ideal for anyone who suffers from gas, bloating, indigestion, fatigue, lose stool, constipation, tight or painful musculature, joint pain, stress, weak or ridged nails, weight problems, joint problems, poor concentration, or emotional disturbances.

The first session is an introduction, education and discussion on the subject of detoxing healthily. This will alert you to any serious symptoms that could possibly arise. You will learn how to follow the regimen and how to orchestrate your diet and tincture. This program helps you identify food sensitivities and is a primary element in the three week course. You will have email communication and guidance throughout the detox process. At the end of the workshop the group will meet again to share their experiences and make sense of the experience. In the end you will know more about your body and bodies in general, and will have shed some of the load your system has been carrying. You will be surprised at how far reaching the effects are. This may be the greatest ‘learning about your body’ experience of your life, everyone should take it.

You will be calmer, stronger, clearer, more productive and have a more positive outlook.